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I have a lot of equipment I use regularly during my various adventures. As I use them, I get a feel for how well they work, how well they fit my need, and ultimately whether it was worth owning. On the page you will find my 5-star ranking for each of the following categories.
Quality - Does it hold up to expectations?
Usefulness - Does it function as intended?
Cost - How bad did it hurt to buy?
Overall - My complete opinionated rank on how I feel about it.
(More or less, the "would I buy it again" ranking.)
My hope is that you will find some value in my thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the equipment I use and can use it to steer yourself to the same or better purchases! Happy Trails!


VMI Offroad Explorer

The Heavy Lifter

  • Quality - 5 stars​

  • Usefulness - 5 stars​

  • Cost - 4 stars​

  • Overall - 5 stars​



The Cargo Carrier

  • Quality - 3 stars

  • Usefulness - 5 stars

  • Cost - 3 starts

  • Overall - 3 stars

Historical Hike


New Addition

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