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Gear Haulers

VMI Offroad Explorer

VMI Offroad Explorer

The Heavy Lifter

Commissioned in September 2018 

Broke in, licensed, and ready to go April 2019

Its versatility has made it indispensable when it comes to hauling all my gear behind any vehicle, great or small should I ever have to downsize from a full-size truck!


Yakima MegaWarrior

The Cargo Carrier

Commissioned in December 2014 

Broke in March of 2015

It is as versatile as the trailer, fitting to anything with a roof rack or a bed (using the bed clamps) but it does not quite haul the same amount of stuff


Rain-X Soft Carrier

The Soft Carrier

Commissioned in March 2018 

Broke in March of 2018

It is as versatile as the trailer, fitting to anything with a roof rack or a bed but it does not quite haul the same amount of stuff



The Coleman Dark Room 6 Person With Screen Room

The Palace

The best feature of this tent is the "dark room" technology. Said to block 90% of light, it really helps get a good night sleep!


Kelty Trail Ridge 2

The Backpacker Palace

Commissioned March 2015 

Broke in April 2015

Replacing my former tent, the Kelty Trail Ridge has yet to let me down! This tent is meant for the warmer seasons but that hasn't yet stopped me from using it in all seasons. It's just a matter of dressing warmer!


GardenLine Popup Screened Canopy

The Best Room in the Backyard

Commissioned June 2019

Broke in July 2019

After the Trail of Tears trip of May 2019, this became a necessity and with the Explorer trailer, hauling it around just became easy!


Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Hammock

The Backpacker Cabin

Commissioned December 2014

Broke in August 2018

Yes, you read that right. Took a number of years to finally sleep in it but it was worth the wait! Some places just don't have the trees for this...


Ozark Trails Collapsible Hammock Stand

Who Needs Trees With One of These

Commissioned June 2019

Broke in July 2019

Finally realizing trees weren't always where I needed them, it was time for a portable hammock stand. Best night sleep you can get is camping out in a hammock!


Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern

Bringing Light to the Darkness

Commissioned December 2015

Broke in 2016

As it always seems to happen, you get to camp later than you wanted and now have to setup in the dark. Wait... Did you forget the camp fuel again? Ah... well, hello darkness my old friend.... 

Problem solved! The Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern will run on gasoline as well as camp fuel.

For me, I do not wish to store fuel anywhere so I typically fill up a 1 gallon gas can when I roll out just for the lantern and stove. When the trip is over, leftover fuel goes into the gas tank. Just like that, no leftover fuel to store!


Coleman Dual Fuel Stove

Burns Better Than a Jet Engine

Commissioned 2012?

Broke in 2013?

Where would any of us be without food? Dead.

How many of us prefer raw anything? Not many.

Well, I guess it's time to cook that squirrel cause you're definitely not playing cards with him! Just like the lantern, this stove runs on gasoline as well as camp fuel.

For me, I do not wish to store fuel anywhere so I typically fill up a 1 gallon gas can when I roll out just for the lantern and stove. When the trip is over, leftover fuel goes into the gas tank. Just like that, no leftover fuel to store!


Coleman Camp Chair

Best Seat in the House

Commissioned 2002-ish?

Broke in 2002-ish?

You did read that right! This chair is that old, give or take. You could stay, "them just don't make them like this anymore" but what do I know? I've been with the same chair so long I have no idea how they make them anymore! 

Everyone needs a camp chair and I do mean everyone... No one wants to sit on the ground or the picnic bench. You come back covered in ticks if you do... and that's no fun but it is a great way to ruin the trip though!

I can tell you, if you find the right chair and take care of it, it can and will last! 


Kelty 2-Person Loveseat

Best Double Seat in the House

Commissioned March 2021

Broke in March 2021

When you want to get close by the fire, why not get really close! With the Kelty double seater, you can absolutely get close to your friend, family member, or significant other! All with one easy-to-carry chair. Sure beats carrying two chairs everywhere you go!


Lightspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent

The Bath House Palace

Commissioned April 2020

Broke in June 2020

I have to say... I never had much of an interest in picking up one of these... But in the era of COVID-19, it makes a whole lot more sense to port your own bath house!

This tent is the perfect size to do anything you need to do with room to spare!


Coleman 5 gal. Solar Shower

The Rainmaker

Commissioned April 2020

Broke in June 2020

With the portable bath house comes the portable shower! Perfect for social distancing and not having to worry about the shower house closing down for cleaning.

Just fill it up and let the sun warm it up and you'll have a nice, hot shower in no time!

[Shower pictured hanging from the top of the privacy tent]


Reliance Camping Toilet Lid & Lowe's 5 gal Bucket

The Squatty Potty

Commissioned April 2020

Broke in June 2020

With the portable bath house comes the portable toilet! I have to say... it's not my favorite option but it is an option I am pleased to have in the event the bath house is closed for cleaning or just closed.

Better to have the option than to hold it forever!

Just be sure to hold your breath when using it after someone else...


Yeti Tundra 75 Cooler

The Abominable Snowman

Commissioned October 2019

Broke in June 2020

Replacing my 75 quart Coleman cooler is the Yeti Tundra 75! If you haven't heard of Yeti by now, this is arguably the best cooler I have ever had. 1 bag of ice for a whole weekend and food is good and cold the whole time!


Coleman Dual Burner Camp Stove

Burns Better Than TWO Jet Engines

Commissioned October 2019

Broke in July 2020

An upgrade to my single burner Coleman Dual Fuel Stove, with the same power per burner as my single burner stove, it makes fixing meals an absolute breeze! No more waiting for the stove to cook one thing at a time... now I can cook two things at once!


PiC Insect Killer Lantern


Commissioned August 2021

Broke in August 2021

Finally! A way to exact revenge on the pests of the sky! When you don't have electricity, still have the bugs, and there are too many to swat by yourself, it's great to have a solar power bug zapper by your side! Oh, and to increase the value, it doubles as an overhead lantern for your tent! Just be sure to clean out the bugs first...


Garmin GPSMAP 66sr

Hiker's Best Friend

Commissioned November 2020

Broke in November 2020

The replacement to my Garmin eTrex Vista which lived a long and happy life until battery corrosion took it from me. If you're going to replace such an invaluable piece of equipment, might as well go big!

Overlanding Equipment



The Lift

Commissioned March 2015

Broke in March 2015

No overlander is without his or her Hi-Lift jack! It can jack your rig up to change a tire or free it from mud, it can winch your rig though I don't recommend it, and can act as a spreader as well should you need it!


MAXSA Innovations Escaper Buddy

The "Escaper Buddy"

Commissioned December 2015

Broke in December 2015

No overlander is without his or her MaxTrax! If you've seen them on YouTube, you know what they can do! Sand, snow, mud... doesn't matter! Anywhere you need traction where there is none to be found, you can shove these under the wheels and claw your way through!

[Note: This is actually MAXSA brand]


Haul-Master Chains

Drag Anything Anywhere (Heavy-Weight)

Commissioned 2016

Broke in 2016

Chains are good for a lot of things! Securing loads, flat towing a vehicle, or, as I prefer, using with a Hi-Lift jack to manually winch yourself out of a tight spot. They aren't the best gear to haul around though given how heavy they are, that one bad link can ruin the whole chain, and if the quality of metal is not sufficient, they will leave you stranded.


Tow Straps

Drag Anything Anywhere (Light-Weight)

Commissioned ?

Broke in ?

Tow straps are good for very easy recoveries or "flat tow" dragging a disabled vehicle. Outside of that, there are risks in using straps so use them at your own peril. If you have nothing else, and the situation is right, they are good to have around!


Billet 4x4 Kinetic Recovery Rope

The Rescue Rope

Commissioned August 2021

Broke in August 2021

This is exactly what you need if you are anticipating getting stuck! It can flat tow as well as pull off a nasty recovery that looks relatively hopeless. It's exactly what you need if you only bring one thing with you to help in tight situations.


Metal Shackles

A Tight Grip

Commissioned ?

Broke in ?

Most vehicles straight from the factory do not have adequate tow points. You will definitely want to have a set of metal shackles to hook to your own vehicle or to the vehicle you wish to recover. These hard shackles do have their limits and you do need to be aware of them to use them safely or they will break and launch as a projectile towards one of the vehicles.


Gear America Soft Shackles

A Stretchy Grip

Commissioned August 2021

Broke in August 2021

Like the metal shackles, soft shackles provide easy to add, easy to use tow points. Like the metal shackles, they also have limits to them however, should they break, they are far less dangerous of a projectile.


ViAir 450P Air Compressor

The Donut Maker

Commissioned August 2021

Broke in October 2022

If you are heading off road, there are two things you need in your gear. An air compressor is one of them! This particular air compressor will handle tires up to 42" which is not bad at all!


Staun Tire Deflators

The Flat Maker

Commissioned August 2021

Broke in October 2022

If you are heading off road, there are two things you need in your gear. Tire deflators are one of them! Sure, you could deflator your tires manually but that's a lot more work as you will need to monitor throughout the deflating process. With these deflators, you set the pressure once then thread them on each time after to bring your tire to the exact pressure each and every time!

Other Equipment



The Eye In The Sky

Commissioned June 2022

Broke in August 2022

Let me just say, I was not on the whole drone craze when it first kicked off. I was even less on the whole drone craze when legislation caught up with drone usage. That all changed when I won a drone. Yep, I won it. I certainly would not have bought one myself at this time but now that I have one, I am really starting to understand the craze!

Diode Dynamics Series Stage 3 Combo Beam Lights

The Reason I Can See & You Can't

Commissioned November 2022

Broke in December 2022

Lights before lift, am I right? Not only is there something asthetically pleasing about auxillary lights but they are particularly functional too! Whether you think you need the added lighting or not, you should get the added lighting. Reason being, I have yet to own a vehicle where I truly liked the factory lighting. There are plenty of shortcomings when it comes to factory lighting and auxillary lights more than make up for it!

Riapow Solar Battery Pack

Unlimited Power

Commissioned October 2018

Broke in October 2018

Power is a must in the day and age of technology. If you aren't at home, battery packs are a must have! This battery pack conveniently comes with a built in solar panel to keep your pack charged while sitting in the sun and with a fairly large capacity battery, this thing will last you several days of charging your phone or other electronics. Sure, the single solar panel might not give it the fastest charge ever but, if you are around a power sourse, you can plug it in to charge up faster as well. How can you not have one of these already, am I right?


HotHands Hand Warmers

Magically Powered Body Heat

Commissioned ?

Broke in ?

If you are looking for cheap, long-lasting heat then look no further! I have used HotHands brand warmers for a long time now and they are absolutely worth every penny when the temperatures drop! They are offered in a variety of sizes, operational time lengths, and designed uses so you are sure to find what fits your needs!

OCOOPA Rechargeable Battery Hand Warmers

Battery Powered Body Heat

Commissioned October 2021

Broke in October 2021

If you are looking for a source of heat for your hands that can be used more than once and for any length of time from 0 to 8 hours and in the middle of summer without providing heat, than this is for you! I knew there were fuel powered hand warmers available as well as the HotHands warmers but I was surprised to find rechargeable battery bank hand warmers that could serve a purpose beyond warming my hands. Naturally, I had to give it a try!

Rain-X 2-in-1 Washer Fluid

The Clearest View You Can Get

Commissioned ?

Broke in ?

If you have never used this stuff before, chances are you are using regular old washer fluid which means water sloshes over your windshield leaving a miserable, hard-to-see-through mess behind. This could be from rain, water crossings, puddles, or other sources of water that might thrust themselves upon you. Do yourself a favor, spend the couple extra bucks to get the Rain-X washer fluid as you will notice a night and day difference! Rather than hang on your windshield, water will bead up and roll off effortlessly making it much easier to see much sooner before your wipers have a chance to clear your line of sight. Trust me, it's worth it!


Tomoral Fuse Kit

The Circuit Closer

Commissioned January 2023

Broke in January 2023

Whether you are an overlander, an off-roader, or just own a motor vehicle, you should definitely consider having a fuse kit in your gear. Why? Well, to be honest, it's the silliest, most inexpensive piece of your car that can fail at will and leave you stranded. Seriously. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the embarassment of being stranded by a blown fuse and carry a fuse replacement kit with you!

Pendleton Wool Socks

A Cold Foot's Best Friend

Commissioned December 2017

Broke in December 2017

If you live in a climate region that sees cold temperatures, you have most likely felt uncomfortably cold at least once. Chances are you have likely had cold feet during one or more of those experiences as well. That being the case, you can't go wrong with a pair of wool socks! What I like about Pendleton wool socks is that they come in color themes representative of National Parks or with bears, two of my favorite things!

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