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Free files to help you get started!

Basic Camping Equipment List (Pre-Filled)

Not sure how to get started with your own equipment list? Here's a starter list to get you going! There are plenty of blanks to fill in your own personal picks as well.

Basic Camping Equipment List (Blank)

So you've done this a time or two and know what to bring. That's great! But maybe you still forget things from time to time or just want to have a better system. Look no further! This blank, formatted list will help get you started!

Fire Building Guide

Starting a fire has never been easier with this handy fire building guide! Covering the basics while providing sound tips, your odds of starting a fire have never been better!

Campfire Lay Guide

Now that you have read the Fire Building Guide, you are ready to learn more about the different types of fires and what will suit your needs best. This handy guide will help you pick the fire that best meets your needs!

Kayak Cart Build Plans

Tired of lugging your kayak around on your shoulder? Think a kayak cart is too expensive? Not sure what else to do? Look no further! This inexpensive option will haul your kayak over all kinds of terrain and will break down for storage in your boat so you can use it to portage whenever you want!

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