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Ozark Trail Hammock Stand

Who Needs Trees with One of These

Quality - 4/5 stars

It does feel questionably solid, like you want to put your faith it in for a good night sleep but aren't sure whether it could actually do it. Well, it has done it for me a few times now and I have not yet dropped on the ground in the middle of the night so there's that fact! I want to say the quality is there... But not at the details level. The frame is steel however the joint pins may not be and certainly the plastic in use in some areas cannot be considered strong. You get what you paid for I suppose but for now, I will probably sleep lightly when hanging in it through the night​.

Usefulness - 5/5 stars

Have you ever tried to find the perfect pair of trees to hang your hammock from? Maybe you have found them and life is great! When you visit different campsites all the time however, you may not be so lucky. In those "more often than not" cases where two trees nearby are nonexistent, you will definitely appreciate one of these!

Cost - 5/5 stars

If you are familiar at all with Ozark Trail brand, you know this is the house brand to none other than Walmart. Walmart, of course, is known for their discounted prices. Always low prices and who can complain about that, right?

Overall - 5/5 stars

Though I do have questions about quality, it has shown to be reliable so far. Probably my only other minor issue is that, if you are not completely setup on level ground, you could wind up tipping yourself if you are not careful. Other than that, it's a very easy to use stand that does fold up rather small and although it is heavy when packed up, it's still portable enough for me to take with me wherever I go if I choose!

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