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Coleman 5 gal. Solar Shower

Best Double Seat in the House

Quality - 4/5 stars

I have just two complaints with this shower. The first is the hose that feeds water to the shower head. It's just not strong enough to resist getting kinked and when kinked, the water gets cutoff pretty effectively. The second complaint is the shower head itself which, when your hands are wet and soapy, is hard to open and close. The hose is really my biggest complaint as that would require a completely replacement of otherwise good OEM equipment to resolve while the shower head could be remedied by adding some kind of grippable tape to the shower head while still using what you have. Other than that, it does what it should do pretty well!

Usefulness - 5/5 stars

I cannot understand how great it is having a shower of your own that you share with family rather than the whole campground. You can take a shower whenever you want without having to wait in line for a shower stall to open up, you don't have to worry about what's on the floor, and you don't have to worry about a lack of hot water as you can control that yourself!

Cost - 5/5 stars

It's really inexpensive though, as far as the cost of materials and assembly are concerned, this is probably carrying a higher price in favor of profit margin. I guess the sticker price isn't bad enough for me to knock the rating however. Nowadays, if you have a truck with a bed rack or SUV, you can build your own shower with PVC pipe or whatever you choose. That might be more cost effective and feature better quality. Something I think about and maybe you should too!

Overall - 4/5 stars

Like I said in the quality section, the hose is pretty finicky. There is seldom a time when I have not had it kink and stop flowing water while using it and, although that is a problem quickly resolved, it is still irritating to me that it happens especially when the problem can be fixed so easily with a better hose. My next shower will definitely be one of my own design.

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