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Coleman Dual Fuel Stove

Burns Better Than a Jet Engine

Quality - 5/5 stars

Seeing as I have dropped it from a shelf on to a concrete floor and it still works, that says quite a bit about its quality! It's definitely bent and dented but it does indeed still work even if a pot of water wobbles now... No question about it, as long as you are not deliberately trying to destroy it, you are probably not going to kill it easily. I would call that pretty good quality! 

Usefulness - 5/5 stars

This stove excels at everything it does with heat. Sometimes, that can be a bad thing. Your pot of water might boil really, really fast and it definitely does! But your food might burn before you expect it to as well. It can be a challenge getting this to operate at just the right temperature for cooking but providing distance from the heat source will help for sure. As if you would need more from a stove, best of all, it runs on standard gasoline or the more expensive camp fuel. I can tell you, I am much happier using regular gasoline than I am camp fuel!

Cost - 4/5 stars

I'll admit, I got this as a gift however, I was a bit shocked at the price. Maybe I am out of touch with cost of goods but I feel like you could still make do with a $30 reduction in price. That just might be me and my wishful thinking though.

Overall - 5/5 stars

This stove does everything I ever needed a stove to do and it does it quite well. I have never had a problem with it to date, even after dropping it, and I hope to never have a problem with it for the foreseeable future! It's a good stove worth adding to your equipment for sure. The cost might even be offset by the reputation of the brand. Coleman knows a thing or two about camping equipment after all!

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