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Diode Dynamics Series Stage 3 Combo Beam Lights

The Reason I Can See & You Can't

Quality - 5/5 stars

This is my first experience with Diode Dynamics and so far, I am not disappointed. The lights are solidly built and the wiring harness, sold separately, is more than adequate to handle the power needed for the lights. Time will tell how well they hold up but so far so good!

Usefulness - 5/5 stars

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of nowhere, miles from any streetlights, trees blocking any and all light from the moon, and your driving safe headlights just not giving you enough to see with? Yeah, happens to me often enough (fog has been a nuisance recently). Auxiliary lighting can do wonders for any vehicle as the lighting does not have to conform to certain brightness restrictions. You do need to follow laws governing on and off-road use but they can come in quite handy in a pinch!

Cost - 3/5 stars

As you might have guessed, these were not cheap. They were, however, cheaper than the lights I had my eye on initially. So there's that. If not for some pretty substantial Amazon gift cards, I probably wouldn't be writing this review now as the budget has been pretty restrictive as of late. Anyway, I can't be too disappointed in the price as I said, cheaper than the lights I had my eye on initially and they are pretty near identical best I can tell. 

Overall - 5/5 stars

I really cannot be disappointed in these lights. They do work, they look great, have been built solidly... What more can you ask for? Well, let me say, until now I have always been a KC Lites kind of guy. This time, I went with Diode Dynamics because of price. What Diode Dynamics is lacking is a solid warranty. KC offers a 23 year warranty on everything, wires, bulbs, relays, etc. Diode Dynamics offers a 3 year warranty and I am not at all sure whether everything is covered or not. If they are built well, it should not matter but, if not, well, let's not think about it... For now though, I am completely satisfied with this purchase!

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Product Review - Diode Dynamics SS3 Lights: Text

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