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Haul-Master Chains

Drag Anything Anywhere


Quality - 5/5 stars

I'm not really sure how to rate the quality of these changes. They are of the correct grade steel, coated against rust, and have held up to what I'm put them to (which isn't much). But they are from Harbor Freight so take that as you will!

Usefulness - 3/5 stars

Whether you are securing a load, winching a vehicle, or flat towing, having a chain around never really hurt though, with so many lighter alternatives, I'm not sure why you would need chains unless you were securing something absolutely massive.

Cost - 5/5 stars

Harbor Freight is known for their low prices (and sometimes low quality). Given that I also got them for a discounted price, you really can't complain about the cost!

Overall - 4/5 stars

I have tow straps and a recovery rope without much to secure and with the size and weight of these chains, they are hardly practical for any lengthy road trip where you might already be loaded down and want just a slight bit better fuel economy. I'm not saying you shouldn't have chains, period, I'm saying know and understand your needs for chains before you wind up with 200 lbs of dead weight.

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