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Kelty 2-Person Loveseat

Best Double Seat in the House

Quality - 5/5 stars

As I have not had this chair all that long, I cannot speak for its quality directly. However, if this chair holds the same quality as my Kelty Trail Ridge 2 tent or my Coleman camp chair, which is looks like it does, then this chair would certainly earn the highest marks in quality!

Usefulness - 5/5 stars

Whether you are at home or in the woods, you need a place to sit. If you have a significant other, you might even want to sit next to them. I know I would! A two-person seat checks both boxes at once giving you and your significant other a place to sit next to one another. Very nice!

Cost - 4/5 stars

I'll admit, I did not buy this chair myself as it was a gift. Having looked up the price online, it is pretty pricey however, the quality should more than make up for the cost should it stand the test of time. As I don't have enough of an idea how it will stand up over time, I can't give it the highest marks for the cost. I do believe it should be worth the cost but time will tell!

Overall - 5/5 stars

I have come to like the Kelty brand in a very short amount of time after being introduced to the brand first with the Trail Ridge 2 tent. This chair, being my second experience with the brand, has already given me greater appreciation for the brand as I do believe it is built well. I look forward to seeing how this chair holds up over time and seeing which of Kelty's fine products I purchase next!

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