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2019 Kick Off! FINALLY!!

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

A return to the Shawnee National Forest

After a long, cold, and very snowy winter, it was finally time to get out and stretch a little. The last visit in September 2018 just didn't seem long enough so the destination was an easy pick; Return to Garden of the gods in southern Illinois!

It was nice not having the sun beating down and a bit different scenery not having leaves on all the trees but a very worthwhile trip nevertheless!

It was also a chance to scope out the campground again for a future return trip as an overnighter to really explore what the park has to offer.

Span of 1 day; Approximately 8 hours and 25 minutes of cumulative driving; Approximately 432.3 miles; Approximately 29.86 gallons of gas used; Approximate average MPG 14.48; Approximately $72.62 spent on gas; Average fuel consumption rate 3.548 gallons per hour.

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