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2022 Campout #5 - Echo Bluff State Park

It's December again. The tents and sleeping bags are all packed away. Camping season is done, right? Wrong! Like last year, we would set our sights on an indoor camping trip to the Betty Lea Lodge at Echo Bluff State Park!

Unlike almost every other trip, we would set off midday on a Thursday, but like many other trips we would arrive in the dark. What was particularly harrowing this time was the dense fog experienced along the way. Driving along you could see reasonably well then in an instant you couldn't see at all! With the recent addition of the Diode Dynamics SS3 lights, it was far less troubling than it would have been otherwise.

The next morning brought more of the same. Fog.

Looking out the window towards Echo Bluff was far less exciting compared to last year.

Although the fog at ground level made it difficult to see driving in the night before and in the early morning, it provided a very interesting opportunity to see the place from above the fog!

Taking opportunities to fly my new drone on these outings is proving beneficial! Great views of the fog covering the valleys of Echo Bluff State Park, Sinking Creek, and the Current River!

Back at ground level, the views through the clearing fog were just as stunning!

Not the best video as I am still learning but pretty good nevertheless! Better, edited version to come I'm sure.

Our final day of the impromptu weekend vacation would be spent attending a class at Current River State Park where we would learn about making various teas, butters, and bread flours from native plants and trees, most of which were harvested that morning from within the park! Lead by a 5th generation homesteader, Kirsten Alvey-Mudd, we would learn to make, as well as make our own, paw-paw butter, pear butter, and persimmon butter and similarly flavored muffins! Very delicious! Our props to Kirsten for a very informative presentation!

After the presentation, it was time to make our way home and finally call it a season! All in all, it was another great, relaxing trip and one that was very much needed, again, after the year 2022 turned out to be! Echo Bluff again provided excellent amenities and made it very likely we would return in the future!

Span of 3 days; Approximately 333.3 miles; Approximately 18.283 gallons of gas used; Approximate average MPG 18.65; Approximately $51.70 spent on gas.


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