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Tomoral Fuse Kit

The Circuit Closer

Quality - 5/5 stars

Fuses are meant to do two things: close a circuit and open a circuit that experiences a surge or short. I have yet to find out how well they do their two tasks but, if you ask me, how hard can it be to makes fuses these days? I mean, they are nothing new so shouldn't the technology be perfected by now?

Usefulness - 5/5 stars

If you have had a fuse blow, you know that blows... Pun intended! If you don't have a spare, you know really blows. Especially if it's an important fuse that runs your headlights and it's currently dark and you have places to go or if your dash panel no longer works because the fuse is blown. These are cases that can happen, though rare, but are still best to be prepared for! After all, would you like being stranded all because the least expensive piece of equipment in your car failed you and you had no replacement? Yeah, me either.

Cost - 5/5 stars

I'm sure the markup is insane but, to be honest, for the variety and total count, the cost isn't bad at all! The box they all come in is probably most of the cost if I'm being honest and the whole reason why you would want to buy this premade kit rather than build your own. Pay the markup once for all rather than on each individually.

Overall - 5/5 stars

It's a box, fully stocked with every size, physical and amperage, fuse you could need that doesn't take up much room in your vehicle. If something important blows, you have spares to keep you going. I cannot stress the importance enough! Get a fuse kit and carry it wherever you go. When the blown fuse strikes, you will thank me later!

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