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Rain-X Soft Carrier

The Soft Carrier

Quality - 4/5 stars

The issue I have with quality is that within the first year of ownership, the zipper tabs broke off. They were cheap zippers for sure and I knew they were going to give out so I tied paracord to the base of the zipper for that inevitable moment. The other issue is that if filled with water during a heavy rain. Mind you, I was parked during this rain rather than driving with moving air pushing the water off giving the rain opportunity to pool and seep through. I do believe the manufacturer says this can happen. Still with a name like RainX, you would expect more. Overall, is has a reasonable cost and does perform well.

Usefulness - 5/5 stars

Though it unfortunately let a lot of water in one time, it has not let me down when the water is unable to pool which is definitely a good thing! It keeps my gear contained out in the elements while protecting them reasonably well from the elements. Plus, this soft carrier is usable on any vehicle with roof racks or bed setup like I have (crossmembers and basket).

Cost - 5/5 stars

First, I need to admit this was a gift so it cost me nothing. That said, I did research the pricing on this model and compared to others like it and it comes out ahead for pricing which is great! Having only tested 1 other brand, I can't say how it performs compared to all others but at least the 1 other I did test, it performs about the same which I certainly wouldn't ask for less.

Overall - 4/5 stars

What really lost the 1 star here is the zipper tabs. Surely the quality of zippers would not have increased the price exponentially so, yeah, that really sits with me and my rating reflects it here. Otherwise, if not for the zipper failures, I would have been completely happy with this soft carrier!

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Product Review - Rain-X Soft Carrier: Text
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