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Reliance Camping Toilet Lid & Lowe's 5 gal Bucket

The Squatty Potty

Quality - 5/5 stars

It's really hard to mess up a toilet seat meant for a bucket. It opens, it closed, it supports weight, and surprisingly, does a great job sealing in smells. DEFINITELY no complaints there!

Usefulness - 5/5 stars

If you're ok with doing your business in a bucket, you're probably going to appreciate having a place to sit. After all, how comfortable can it be to use a bucket and have to hover over it just to do your business? Yeah, I didn't want to find out either...

Cost - 5/5 stars

I'm sure the cost of materials and assembly is far less than the price paid for the finished product. Yet, again, without the high sticker price, I feel OK having paid the price as I currently have no way to make something better.

Overall - 5/5 stars

The usefulness is really what carries the favorability with me. Without a seat for the bucket, there would obviously be no bucket, no shower, and no privacy tent. I was going all in on making this whole setup as useful as possible.

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Product Review - Reliance Camping Toilet: Text
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