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Tow Straps

Drag Anything Anywhere


Quality - 4/5 stars

At the time I was buying tow straps, I was not aware they had a limited use clause to them. Apparently, you should not use them more than one time for vehicle recovery before replacing them. They just aren't meant to pull against a stuck vehicle. They are tow straps after all, not recovery straps! Because of their tendency to break after a few uses, correct or incorrect, I have to knock them on quality.

Usefulness - 5/5 stars

They are lighter and more compact than chains but perform many of the same functions. For that, you can bet they get the highest marks! I would maybe consider dropping 1 star just for the fact they should be replaced so often. No one likes throwing out a perfectly good looking strap because it was used once. If you are going to keep using it until it breaks, get a strap with loop ends as that makes for a softer projectile!

Cost - 4/5 stars

They are more expensive than some chains but far less expensive than a true recovery rope. Given that you have to replace them more frequently, the cost over the long run is higher than both chains and recovery rope but, when you are just starting out and need something to get yourself free, they are the best choice by far!

Overall - 4/5 stars

Until I learned about recovery ropes and the flaws of tow straps, or rather the proper uses for tow straps, I was all about throwing tow straps on anything and everything just to pull it along! Nowadays I'm far less impressed by the straps and much more impressed by recovery ropes. Anything that is good for one shot and should then be considered questionable at best isn't going to 'wow' me.

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