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ViAir 450P Air Compressor

The Donut Maker

Quality - 5/5 stars

I have had a few air compressors in my time. All of them, until now, were the typical "off the shelf" variety. Those air compressors, as I would find out, were not made to last. The ViAir 450P comes highly rated, as I learned in my research to pick out my own air compressor. Although I have not had it all that long, I do believe the quality is vastly superior to the "off the shelf" variety but time will tell! 

Usefulness - 5/5 stars

Whether you are airing up a bike tire or a truck tire, this air compressor will handle anything you throw at it! On top of that, it has automatic shut-off when its tank is full! This is a huge difference from the "off the shelf" variety you can pick up at any old store. Those will just keep running until they meltdown... Additionally, if it runs for too long as starts to get hot, it will shutdown on its own, again, unlike the "off the shelf" variety. Oh, did I mention it can inflate truck tires? Yeah, that was why I bought it!

Cost - 4/5 stars

So the cost, as you might have guessed, is on the high side. If the quality ends up being what I believe it should be, the cost isn't hard to swallow. I'll never enjoy paying sticker price on things but if they hold up and do their job exceedingly well, I'll live.

Overall - 5/5 stars

As I have the tendency to head off into the wild unknown where roads my not yet exist, having an air compressor capable of inflating truck tires was a no brainer. This is not so much for "fixing" a leak as it is for airing back up when you do find pavement again. This air compressor is every I could have asked for and I look forward to making use of it on the regular!

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