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2017 Campout #8

Updated: Jun 2

Beginning a new mission!

With my MO State Park Centennial Passport Challenge complete as well as my MO Camper Award, it was time to focus on a new goal.

A second camper award in the same year!

This camper award, however, would not be for me as you can only earn one per calendar year. No, this one is for a very special someone. A very worthy mission, indeed!


Being a holiday weekend, it was a challenge to find a spot on short notice. Graham Cave State Park was the first pick as it usually holds vacancies on most weekends. Much to my surprise, the place was rather crowded! Just before we arrived at the campground, a charter bus had also arrived and began dumping people out into the campground. That was the most full I have ever seen the Graham Cave campground.

All in all, it was a nice relaxing weekend and the perfect campout for a first time camper. Additionally, it was nice to hit the park hiking trails visiting the park's namesake, Graham Cave along the way. Given the success of the weekend, it was clear that there would be more in the future!

Span of 3 days; Approximately 200 miles; No fuel economy stats available.

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