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2018 Campout #2

Updated: Jun 2

It was an impromptu trip, much like many of my trips, to say the least! After what seemed like the longest winter on record, the first sign of nice weather and my gear was packed before the destination was picked!

Unfortunately, my spot, like the others available, was only available for 1 night. As long as I got at least 1 night in, that was fine by me! That was plenty of time for a campfire, cookout, and sleeping under the stars in a tent! And with the trip being shortened to a single night, that left time in the rest of the weekend to do a little kayaking back home the next day. 


Back to the Cuivre campout, there was plenty of time to do a little hiking as well! With plenty of trails to pick from, I managed to do 2 different trails, part of the one I intended to do and one I had no idea I crossed into which ended the first hike prematurely. With time for another hike, I decided to go for it and put in a few more miles! With Alaska looming, it can't hurt!

2 trips down, 3 more to go!

Span of 2 days; Approximately 94.5 miles; No fuel economy stats recorded on this trip.

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