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2018 Campout #3

Updated: Jun 2

My hunt for my 18th Missouri Camper Award brought me, again, to Mark Twain Lake State Park just in time for the annual Perseid Meteor shower! Easily one of the best places I can think of to see the meteors (as long as the skies are clear)! Like last year, this year did not disappoint!


After being devoured by bugs last year, I opted for the water based activity of kayaking! I do enjoy kayaking regularly and, after the "barf boat" trip in Alaska, I needed to find out whether I would be seasick from kayaking on the lake. Fortunately, I was 100% OK!

Also on this trip, I was able to try out my bug net equipped hammock for the first time! I set it up for a rather enjoyable night under the stars and meteors and found it very much to my liking! I foresee myself doing this much more often!

All in all, it was a very successful and enjoyable trip!

3 trips down, 2 more to go!

Span of 3 days; Approximately 278.7 miles; No fuel economy stats available.


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