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2020 Campout #2

Updated: Jun 2

Pandemic campout #2!

Following soon after the first camping trip of 2020, as if to make up for lost time or something, is the second trip of the year to Cuivre River State Park! Typically I use Cuivre River as a safety net in case I need to squeeze a trip in rather quickly while also being short on time but this year I needed something open, close by, and with the option to sit in a body of water in case it got too hot. Let's face it... It's July, how is it not going to be hot? Spoiler alert: I was half right. It was also rainy... But that's what you get when all you can do is reserve a spot too far in advance to predict the weather.

Despite the abundant heat, humidity, and unpredictable rain, this long 3 day July 4th weekend was still perfect in every way! One of my favorite aspects of the holiday, the July 4th parade, was canceled back home so I felt I wasn't about to miss out on anything important and with the pandemic on the loose, it felt unsafe to go to a heavily crowded fireworks show even though the fireworks were not canceled by a long shot. Yet, despite all that, a local group of Jeeps created their own parade and rode through the campground, honking horns and throwing out candy! I must say, it really brought forth the holiday spirit for me! Although not really worth mentioning, I will anyway... Not everyone was a fan of all the "racket" going on.

As all things, both good and bad, must come to an end, the 3 day weekend, as usual, flew by way too fast! It was nice to get out and go camping again, even if it was hotter and more humid than I am typically comfortable with... To be able to sit by the fire at least one night made it all worthwhile! To top it off, I was finally able to try out the new Coleman Dual Burner Camp Stove that I had been holding on to since October 2019. If you are looking for a decent stove that can handle multiple tasks at once, you can't go wrong with this stove! It has no shortage of power or cooking space making it ideal for feeding the smaller masses quickly!

With the end of this trip, it's time once again to start planning the next one as long as things remain open! Keeping at a pace of one trip per month, I should hopefully secure my 20th camper award by October! Here's REALLY hoping things stay open until then!

Span of 4 days; Approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes of cumulative driving; Approximately 145.9 miles; Approximately 12.98 gallons of gas used; Approximate average MPG 11.24; Approximately $23.09 spent on gas; Average fuel consumption rate 1.996 gallons per hour.

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