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MO State Parks Centennial Passport Challenge (part 9)!

Updated: Jun 2

What do you do when the weather throws you a curve ball? First off, what kind of curve ball are we talking? It's October 29th and the temperature is a crazy 85 degrees Fahrenheit! Why not going camping and do a fall float trip as well!

To Meramec State Park I went with kayak in tow! Surprisingly, there were many others with the same idea! Fresh out of the shop with a new differential and new rear disc brakes, it was the perfect break in trip of the new equipment!

It was also good practice and a first in using two vehicles to ferry people and boats to the drop spot while leaving a vehicle at the pull out spot! Nothing to it really, just a good bit of practice to try it again sometime soon! 


Span of 3 days; Approximately 189 miles; Approximately 13.54 gallons of gas; Approximate average MPG 14 through the ups and towns, twists and turns of the southern Ozark Mountains of Missouri

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