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The Bare Essentials for a Successful Camping Trip

In my family, camping was a staple in our vacation arsenal. Every year we would attempt to hit at least 5 camping trips within a calendar year. Sometimes more and rarely fewer. Not everything you pack is completely necessary

1) Tent

This may sound like a given and it should be. Shelter is the first must have on the list as, without it, you will be sure to have miserable time camping. Your shelter will protect you from the elements as well as from insects and, for the most part, other creatures of the wilderness. Be it a tent, RV, or cabin, shelter is the most important in any case.

2) Food & Water

Right behind shelter comes food and water. If not just as obvious as shelter, it's definitely more obvious as we all know we can't live without food and water. Just be sure you keep your food temperature controlled if necessary because you really don't want to turn your trip into a trip of misery due to food-borne illness.

3) Clothing

Clothing, again, should be pretty obvious. You never leave the house without it after all! This goes a little deeper though as you certainly don't want to be rocking summer gear in the dead of winter. Still too easy? OK, how about making sure you have the gear you need for your extra activities? Hiking, for instance, would require special clothing to help you traverse the often challenging terrain. Hiking boots are a lot better than flip-flops when it comes to hiking, am I right?

4) Fire

Whether you need to cook food, boil water, keep warm, or just set the right mood around camp, you really do need a fire! This doesn't necessarily mean you need a wood fire. You could certainly get the same result from a camp stove. What you want to be careful of is the need for limited fuel reserves in your camp stoves. Using a stove for cooking and warmth can cause you to burn through your fuel too fast and leave you cold and hungry. Consider a wood fire for warmth and the camp stove for cooking hot meals, fast!

Of course there is probably a long list of things I could add here but these are the things I find the most important to make your next camping trip a success!

Happy Trails!

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