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The Cons of Car Camping

I'll be honest, I have done a lot of camping and the vast majority of that comes from car camping. Car camping is loading up your car, driving to a maintained site usually with a fire ring, parking pad, picnic table, and area designated for a tent all provided within the site, and making camp for any length of time. So what are the drawbacks of car camping?

Feels too Close to Home

Sure, you can do quite a bit to break away from the feel of home.

More than just sleeping in a tent I mean. Bringing your car with you gives you a lot of freedoms like packing whatever you can carry, making trips to the store when you forgot something important, and the typical campsite amenities you might find while car camping. But as long as the car is just a stone's throw away, you are never truly out of touch with civilization.

Limited in Many Ways

For car camping to remain car camping, there are limits in what you can do and where you can go. For instance, you will almost always find yourself in a campground with paved roads, with parking pads, fire rings, picnic tables, and restrooms not too far away. In fact, you can generalize the experience to camping in a predefined area regardless of the amenities.

Lack of Adventure

For some, car camping is all too structured. Sometimes you just need to be totally free! It's hard to get that freedom when you are so close to civilization. The wildlife is more of what you might see anywhere, the sights are not all that different from what you might see in your own neighborhood, and most of all, the crowds of people you will undoubtedly encounter. For the most experienced campers among us, the lack of adventure can be the absolute worst...

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