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The Cons of Glamping or Cabin Camping

I'll be honest, I have done a lot of camping but the vast majority of that comes from car camping though I have done some "glamping", short for glamour camping, or cabin camping. Glamping or cabin camping, in my experience, is not really camping but more of a scaled down hotel trip. So what are the drawbacks of glamping or cabin camping?


5 nights camping in a tent? $55. 5 nights camping in a relatively inexpensive cabin? $375. Yes, glamping is much more expensive than typical camping. To me, that is a major deterrent. I'm not saying camping is always expected to be cheap or the cheapest trip but, in my experience, camping was the vacation we could always afford no matter how bad things were or weren't. A camping trip can do everything a glamping trip can do but it doesn't leave you strapped for cash when you're done. I call that a win-win!

Lack of Escape

Let's face it, you didn't drive for hours, pay big bucks, all to spend your time watching TV like you would at home, do dishes like you would at home, or take out the trash like you would at home. No, you were looking to escape all that! You really don't get the escape from everyday life when you just change scenery without cutting the frills. I'm not saying you need to go live off the land and try to survive with nothing, but for your own sanity, you should be as exposed to the wilderness as you can comfortably be to really reap the benefits of the wilderness. Unless you really enjoy all the responsibilities of home while away from home? Nah, I didn't think so!

Not Real Camping

It's not real camping. It's not. When you surround yourself with enough comforts of home, have you really left home? Have you really broken free from everyday life? Even if it may sound like the word camping, glamping is not camping. In my opinion, you do need a level of "roughing it" to be able to call it camping and you just don't have that in glamping. Go ahead, change my mind!

Think glamping is for you? Don't like the opinions shared? Feel free to respectfully express your opinions in the comments below!

Happy Trails!

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