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The Cons of Overlanding

I'll be honest, I have done a lot of camping but the vast majority of that comes from car camping though I have done some softcore overlanding in my life. Overlanding is a combination of car camping, backpacking, and minimalist camping. You load up your vehicle like car camping, you live out of your vehicle as if it were your backpack for backpacking, and like minimalist camping because you still have finite space but a potentially long way to go. So what are the drawbacks of overlanding?

It Can Be Expensive

When you put the figures to paper, you aren't just doing a lot of driving, you are doing a lot of driving with a lot of gear in your car. Fuel economy is a big deal and, at least in the world I live in, fuel isn't free! In just fuel costs, this becomes one of the more expensive ways to camp and that can very quickly limit your budget for other things. Even think of the, often, excessive wear and tear on your vehicle as you will certainly be running many more grueling miles in a short amount of time than you would just car camping. Add on the expenses of specialized equipment and it can quickly fall out of favor with all but the most devoted. Needless to say, expense is a big pill to swallow when it comes to overlanding.

Some Experience Required

Surprise! You can't expect it to go well if you just jump in head first especially if you go straight into the deep end of overlanding. I'm talking the kind of overlanding that puts major obstacles in the way like river crossings, boulder fields, or mountain passes. You really have to have a chance to practice what you're about to do. It can be the difference between making it out on your own and waiting for days for someone to find you. I'm sure you don't need me to convince you that you would rather make it out on your own rather than wait for days.

Feels Like Pioneering

What is this, the Oregon Trail? It sure can feel like it. You are crammed in your vehicle along with everything you need to survive the journey for seemingly countless miles wondering, "are we there yet?" but in reality, it's not so much about the destination but rather the journey. So I guess the better question is, "will it ever end?" Being stuck in an uncomfortable spot for a long period of time can really make time drag on... and no one likes time dragging on like that.

Think overlanding is for you? Don't like the opinions shared? Feel free to respectfully express your opinions in the comments below!

Happy Trails!

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