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The Cons of Survivalist or Minimalist Camping

I'll be honest, I have done a lot of camping but the vast majority of that comes from car camping though I have done some "survivalist" or minimalist camping. Survivalist camping, in my experience, is camping with what you have with you whether you meant to go camping like this or not. So what are the drawbacks of "survivalist" or minimalist camping?

Packing Is Hard

If you want to be sure you have an enjoyable time, you probably want to make sure you don't forget anything important especially since you aim to bring as little as possible to begin with. Maybe the list is short and thus easier to not forget anything important but it can still be stressful when it comes to planning out just enough food for all your meals. Remember, you aim to bring just enough to get by. In fact, the same stress can be applied to packing all things. Will you have enough clothes, food, and how about water? Wait, did you forget the tent?!

It's Extreme

Yeah, it can be freeing to bring less stuff with you on your camping trips. It's a fact that, the less you bring, the less you have to unpack when you get back. But you don't really need to be quite that drastic. Picking berries and bark for your camping meal isn't really the top priority on the list of many campers and it certainly doesn't have to be. For most, a balance of cutting back wouldn't hurt for sure. Maybe it's ok to leave the kitchen sink at home once in a while, yeah?


Probably the biggest draw to this style of camping is the experience it brings you. You will learn how to make do with what you have, where you are, which can be a very useful skill should you ever need it. I know what you're thinking, "why would I ever be in a situation like that?" and to be honest, every person who has found themselves in that situation has probably said that themselves. Who doesn't want to live off squirrels and bark? I hear it makes for a great sandwich!

Think minimalist camping is for you? Don't like the opinions shared? Feel free to respectfully express your opinions in the comments below!

Happy Trails!

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