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The MO National Parks Passport Challenge (part 2)!

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

It was time to get back into action! After a very disappointing, snowless winter.... The goal was to try to complete the first half of the MO National Parks Passport Challenge by making a stop at Ozark National Scenic Riverways. Unfortunately, do to a communications mix up, the office was actually closed meaning I was out of luck in completing the 3rd national park of the total 6. Not to be deterred, I decided on making a stop at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield just a mere 163 miles west. I'd already gone 163 miles, give or take, so why not 163 more!


Wilson's Creek became the site of the second battle of the American Civil War and the first battle during which a Union general, General Lyon, was killed in action. It's hard to say which side really won this battle as each side laid claim. The Union's goals were simple. Outnumbered but much better equipped, the Union forces were to attack the Confederate forces and weaken them. At the end of the battle, the Confederate forces, having suffered heavy loses but killed a Union general, survived the onslaught and held the valley from the Union forces. It was later recognized that through the efforts of General Lyon and the Union forces, Missouri was preserved for the Union.


Completing this trip today added 1 more park to my list bringing the running total to 3 of 6!

Span of 1 day; Approximately 556.5 miles; No fuel economy statics recorded though average fuel economy was around 12.1 MPG facing strong head winds driving west.

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