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The Pros of Car Camping

I'll be honest, I have done a lot of camping and the vast majority of that comes from car camping. Car camping is loading up your car, driving to a maintained site usually with a fire ring, parking pad, picnic table, and area designated for a tent all provided within the site, and making camp for any length of time. So what is the draw of car camping?

Perfect for Inexperienced Campers

Imagine yourself, a first time camper, completely terrified of the unknown, on your first camping trip.

Whether it's potentially getting lost in the middle of nowhere or the "thing that goes bump in the night", bringing your car gives you a sense of security that, at any point, allows you to pull the plug and make it all go away. You really can't get that level of anxiety relief from any other type of camping. Adding to that security, perhaps in your inexperience, you managed to leave crucial pieces of gear at home. Having your car with you can also help with left behind gear as well. Assuming you are near enough to a store, you could easily pickup whatever you need and keep the adventure alive with just a minimal amount of stress! Really, even if you left your tent behind, you could always sleep in the car though that may present its own comfort challenges.

Perfect for Families

Think about it, you have the whole family for the day, you already shuttle them around in the car to various activities, how easy is it to add one more activity? Pretty easy! Car camping is perfect for families for just this reason. Already use to and comfortable with the car, all you need to do is pack the camping gear and hit the road and to be quite honest, is not all that different from loading up the kids for a sleepover at a friend's house! Now, are we there yet?

Perfect for anytime!

Looking for a quick, relaxing weekend getaway? Tired of self-isolating at home? Ready for some fresh air and outdoor fun? Why not go camping?! Car camping is one of the easiest forms of camping you can do on short notice. Just pack your gear, fire up the GPS, and get out the door and on the road to a weekend of fun!

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