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The Pros of Glamping or Cabin Camping

I'll be honest, I have done a lot of camping but the vast majority of that comes from car camping though I have done some "glamping", short for glamour camping, or cabin camping. Glamping or cabin camping, in my experience, is not really camping but more of a scaled down hotel trip. So what's the draw of glamping or cabin camping?


Being like a hotel or even a resort stay, there are often amenities that can be enjoyed at glamping locations. Whether it's a pool or satellite TV, there is generally something you wouldn't normally have access to in your standard camping trip. To some, this can be a major draw. To still be out in the woods and wildlife and yet still be close to the feels of home. Additionally, some of these glamping locations provide a unique experience you can only get through glamping. I mean, have you ever pitched a tent on water? Probably not. Feeling the pull yourself yet?


In addition to the amenities listed above, you might also find heating, air conditioning, appliances, and a nice, soft bed. Now we're really getting farther from camping, aren't we? Hence why it's more like a hotel or resort stay, see? I'm not implying that camping is meant to be uncomfortable, on the contrary, I'm quite comfortable while camping in a tent and sleeping on an air and foam pad. I choose to break from the every day and escape into my happy place for a complete reset, one that can only be performed in this way. Others may want the same but still need that bed at the end of the day. Who can blame them? It is quite comfortable after all!


If you're me, sometimes the best laid plans are made waste when traffic slows you down or, for whatever reason, you just don't make camp when you thought you would. That generally means pitching a tent and setting up camp in the dark which can be a pain if you aren't prepared for it. Again, I've pitched my tent so many times now I could probably set it up blindfolded. Not everyone carries that skill however. Still, it is rather nice to be able to show up at any time and have everything ready to go no matter what! Just carry your things inside and you're set!

Think glamping is for you? Don't like the opinions shared? Feel free to respectfully express your opinions in the comments below!

Happy Trails!

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