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2018 Campout #4

Updated: Jun 2

The fourth trip of the year would take me back to Trail of Tears State Park in southeast Missouri! This park is dedicated to the Native Americans that lost their lives during the relocation march they were forced on by the United States government in 1838-1839. The trail and march have since been called the Trail of Tears for their losses.


On this trip, unlike many of my other trips, I did meet up with my family who held a spot for me as I made my way to the park late at night on Friday. Every so often it's nice to have them around!


As I did while camping at Mark Twain State Park in mid-August, I decided it was time for another night in my hammock! Such a great investment and works very well when there are plenty of trees to hang between! I also do setup my tent though as I need a place to change clothes when I wake up the next morning.


While down in the area, we took a trip over to the Shawnee National Forest and the Garden of the gods Recreation Area! On a holiday weekend, this place was packed and rightly so! It's a very beautiful and scenic area that I will certain visit again someday, probably even this fall!


Span of 3 days; Approximately 266.2 miles; No fuel economy stats recorded on this trip.


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