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2022 Campout #3 - Pomme De Terre State Park

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

After a short 3 weeks off following the Washington State Park trip, it was time to get back on the road again and head to someone relatively new! Pomme De Terre State Park is not completely new to me as I have camped here before maybe a decade ago ... or more. It was a refreshing change to try a less familiar place while still beating the heat!

Heading down to the park would be a much longer drive than the usual trip. Getting a later start found us rolling in just before sunset with enough light to get camp stood up and dinner cooked. Can I go ahead and say, WOW! Why don't I come here more often??

Sunset from the campsite reminded me why I favored this place; even if I don't get out here much!

After a busy day of loading up, a long drive, and a fast-paced setup of camp and chow down of dinner, it was off to bed to rest up for the adventures of the next day.

Sunrise, unfortunately, could not compete with sunset as the view just wasn't there. Nevertheless, the day started off nice and cool with an expected high for the day topping out just below 90°F. Of course, that absolutely beats the 100°F+ heat from just 3 weeks prior at Washington SP. Before the sun got too high overhead, we would set out on the water in our kayaks just to get a feel for the lake around our site and just have a little bit of fun on the water to start the day!


After lunch, a good old campsite break was in order. Never forget to relax on your campout! It is, after all, what brought you to the great outdoors, right?? Later on, after the heat of the day started to set in, we decided it was time to hop in the truck and explore the area around the lake a bit more. The spillway area, unlike Mark Twain Lake's spillway, is very scenic! It looks like a gentle river winding through the forest because, well, it is! One of the two fly fishermen even caught a fish while I was standing there. Not bad! Not bad at all!


After exploring the area and cooling down in the A/C for a bit, we returned to camp for dinner and settled in for another amazing sunset! Pomme De Terre, you do not disappoint! But enough of sunset, it was time for the (shooting) star of the weekend... The annual Perseid meteor shower! Although meteors had to battle a bright full moon, there were still several brilliant meteors to be seen including one that ran perpendicular to the Perseids crossing the sky. A decent enough display to say the least and then it was off to bed to prepare for the next day, the final day.

After waking up unexpectedly early, I was presented with a view I don't often get to capture, the full moon over camp! A very different but equally beautiful scene for sure. You really can't go wrong with nature!


The sun would start to climb above the horizon not long after and, to beat the heat of the day, expected to be much hotter than the previous two days, we started breaking down camp aiming to be home with enough time and temperature left in the day to unload and unpack. Overall, a very worthwhile trip I hope to repeat in the future again someday!


Just a side note, this would be the first trip with the new phone replacing the old phone that died swimming at Washington State Park 3 weeks earlier. The new phone did go kayaking with me and did not drown so I would call this trip a complete success!

Span of 3 days; Approximately 437.2 miles; Approximately 27.912 gallons of gas used; Approximate average MPG 15.69; Approximately $94.52 spent on gas.


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