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2022 Campout #2 - Washington State Park

For the second camping trip of the year, after an unexpected month off, we would pack up and head out on the hottest weekend of the year so far. Much like the same exact weekend of 2017 at Sam A Baker State Park, which saw a high temperature of 108°F, this weekend would see a high temperature of 104°F with the temperatures above 100°F each of the 3 days of the trip.

But enough of the past!

We're here to talk about Washington State Park which is a park I probably haven't camped at in nearly 10 years! I'm not sure why that is though as the campground is very well shaded, seems to be relatively low usage, and includes access to a park pool as well as access to the Big River. Perfect for a hot weekend like this!

Arriving at camp on Friday, as already noted, it was HOT! The temperature was already above 100°F so setting up camp was taken at a much slower pace. It wouldn't be long before the heat would take its toll and we'd be ready for bed. At least, having setup later in the day, the tent was relatively cool and somewhat comfortable.

Saturday morning saw us try our luck at fishing the Big River while the temperature was still manageable. Once the heat of the day started to build however, we would retreat back to camp for lunch and a change into swimming gear before returning to the water to beat the heat.

It is at this time that the weekend took a turn. I trusted a waterproof pouch with my phone and wallet and it let me down... hard... I was able to salvage my wallet and all paper items inside but the phone did not fare so well. So you will note a distinct lack of photos from this trip! In fact, there is really just this one which I took from a different phone.


Where a camping trip is normally a relatively cheap get-away, this one, at the cost of my phone, certainly became an expensive trip! All in all, despite the heat, humidity, and loss of my phone, it was a good trip and a much-needed break from the daily grind!

Span of 3 days; Approximately 159 miles; Approximately 10.552 gallons of gas used; Approximate average MPG 15.11; Approximately $39.66 spent on gas.


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