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2023 Campout #3 - Washington State Park

Updated: Jun 2

After a month off due to insufferable heat and severe weather, we would pack up and head out on the first fall-like weekend of the season. The destination this time is one we hit last year, Washington State Park. Unlike last year's trip to Washington State Park, which saw a high temperature of104°F with the daily high above 100°F each of the 3 days of the trip, this weekend would see a high temperature of 80°F on Friday while Saturday and Sunday were just below that. Perfect camping weather has arrived!

On Friday, we would arrive well before dark with plenty of time to get setup, get a hot meal, and a nice, warm fire going. With the temperature dropping below 80°F at this point, it would make for a very enjoyable evening! I already knew going into this weekend it would be a fantastic time!

Saturday morning brought some truly chilly air! So much so that it actually gave me a decent head-cold that stuck with me through the entire day. Not exactly the most enjoyable way to spend a camping trip but it is what it is. A nap in a hammock and I would at least regain some of my energy despite the persistence of the enduring headache.

Bouncing back in the afternoon brought us to the main feature of Washington State Park, an activity we skipped last year due to the shear brutality of the heat, the petroglyph hike!


After the short hike, we would meander back to camp stopping in at various points we did not see in our prior visit, such as this beautiful overlook with the Big River beach access in the distance.


With the days getting shorter as we head towards fall, it was time for another fire to cap the night. What was somewhat expected and hoped against, a tiny sprinkle storm managed to land a glancing blow to us forcing us to quickly cover our gear and head for the tent. After less than 10 minutes, the sprinkle storm passed and we were once again able to enjoy the campfire. Wouldn't you know it, forgot the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers once again. No matter, the temperatures and fire could not be beat!

We hate to interrupt your regularly scheduled post conclusion...

Before I wrap this up and post the final pics of the trip, as I do, let me just say, don't be this guy. There is such a thing as campground etiquette and this is not a proper display of it.

That's right, some "animal" shaved either his face or his head and left all the hair clogging the sink. It stayed that way all day long until the cleaning crew returned Sunday morning. All I could think was, "Would he do this at home? DOES HE DO THIS AT HOME?!" Bottom line, don't be this guy, don't leave a mess in your wake for someone else to clean the next day. Seriously.

We now return to the regularly scheduled wrap up.

All-in-all it was an awesome weekend thanks in very large part to the excellent weather! If I haven't said it before or even enough, this is the best time of year for camping and I'm looking forward to more of it (too bad next weekend is going to be rained out or I'd already be booking my next trip)!


Span of 3 days; Approximately 226.9 miles; Approximately 13.452 gallons of gas used; Approximate average MPG 17.09; Approximately $49.76 spent on gas.

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